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Article details
  • chrome-colored
  • grey
  • dark blue
  • brass
  • POM
  • chrome-plated
  • STD
  • Ecobooster
  • M24x1
  • EK: A
  • with washers
  • 2 years
Ecobooster for the washbasin The Ecobooster diverter is suitable for taps with an M24x1 thread. It can be used to switch the water flow of the tap from economy to full litre capacity at the touch of a button. In the initial position with the tap closed, the Ecobooster aerator is set to economy mode (approx. 5 l/min). If required, it can be switched to full litre output at the touch of a button (approx. 17 l/min at 3 bar). This is particularly practical if, for example, a pot needs to be filled with water in the kitchen. When the tap is closed, the Ecobooster aerator automatically switches back to economy mode. Cleaning the aerator is very easy thanks to the SLC function: thanks to a soft elastomer surface, limescale deposits on the outlet side of the aerator can simply be rubbed away with a finger. This extends the service life considerably. Not suitable for unpressurised appliances.

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