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Article details
  • chrome-colored
  • grey
  • green
  • brass
  • POM
  • chrome-plated
  • STD
  • STD
  • M22x1
  • EK: A
  • PCA®
  • 2 years
Water and energy-saving aerator with simple cleaning function, suitable for taps with M22x1 thread Cleaning the aerator is very easy thanks to the SLC function: thanks to a soft elastomer surface, limescale deposits on the outlet side of the aerator can simply be rubbed away with a finger. The aerator model delivers a water flow rate of approx. 5 l/min and therefore saves up to 60% water and energy compared to non-saving models. The savings are made possible thanks to the integrated NEOPERL® flow regulator technology, which ensures that an almost constant volume of water flows regardless of the mains pressure. Not suitable for unpressurised appliances.

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