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  • chrome-colored
  • chrome-colored
  • stainless steel
  • brass
  • chrome-plated
  • 1/2"
  • 5 years
  • diaqua®
    • 150 cm
Flexible and clean - with the metal shower hose you can enjoy a relaxed showering experience. The chrome-plated metal surface is timeless. The hose is tear-resistant thanks to the strong winding. And because we are convinced of this, we give you a 5-year guarantee! Thanks to the 100% PVC-free inner hose, it fulfils drinking water requirements. The anti-twist device on one side ensures that the hose does not twist and therefore falls beautifully. The high-quality brass connections fit every shower and bath mixer tap, making replacing the shower hose child's play.
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Care instructions
To clean your shower hose, only use cleaning agents that are expressly intended for this area of application, ideally mild and pH-neutral cleaners. We recommend vinegar water! For more stubborn limescale deposits, you can also pour the vinegar water through the shower. After each cleaning application, you should rinse with clear water to completely remove any residue. This also applies to residues from shower products, shampoos and liquid soaps. You can then simply dry the surfaces with a soft cloth (microfibre) to reduce stains on the chrome surface.

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