Judith Hlima, 10.04.2023
Product manager

Tidy up your bathroom

Find out from our product manager Judith how you can tidy up your bathroom and which diaqua® products can help you.

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Elin Gammenthaler, 17.03.2023
Marketing Brand Manager

Ambiente 2023 - it was a great time

We took part in Ambiente in Frankfurt with diaqua for the first time. Find out what it was like in the following article.

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Bella Melzer & Chiara Hirschi, 24.11.2022
Trend consultant & trainee

Hello Yellow

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Bella Melzer, 01.09.2022
Trend consultant for diaqua®

Capri Vibes

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Judith Hlima, 26.08.2022
Bath rugs and bath mats

The durable bath rugs from diaqua® give the bathroom a cosy touch in no time at all. Do you prefer practicality? Then you'll love the quick-drying and easy-to-wash bath mats made from skin-friendly natural fibres. Find out more about our rugs and bath mats here.

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schedule 1 min
Elin Gammenthaler, 05.08.2022
Marketing Brand Manager
Lavalino - Toilet seat with wash and clean function

This toilet seat is without doubt a royal model. It has a built-in shower function for intimate hygiene and allows you to feel clean and well-groomed after every visit to the toilet with a fresh jet of water. The cold water jet is adjustable and no power connection is required. This toilet seat is also equipped with an automatic closing mechanism that prevents the lid from slamming shut and closes gently and quietly. It is easy to remove and you can install this toilet seat quickly thanks to the adjustable and simple installation. Another plus point is the universal fit of the toilet seat, which means it is suitable for all commercially available toilet systems.

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