About us

The company diaqua AG

Diaqua AG is an internationally active company in the sanitary ware trade. As an expert in bathroom accessories, we constantly inspire and excite our customers with new ideas to make their bathrooms more beautiful and individual with the right accessories.

In addition to the online channel, we supply all leading European DIY and do-it-yourself stores in the bathroom and sanitary accessories sector with various branded products. Diaqua AG is based in Reinach, Switzerland, and is part of the globally active Neoperl Group, which has been in existence for over 60 years and employs around 1,900 people in 17 countries.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art logistics, the heart of which is an automated warehouse system, a broad-based sales organization, short response times and a high level of service, we have been a trusted partner for our long-standing trade customers for more than six decades.

As part of the Neoperl Group, we work worldwide according to quality management systems based on ISO 9001. We are committed to complying with the applicable environmental, energy, occupational health and safety requirements and to continuous improvement. Certifications and regular monitoring are carried out by local certification bodies.

ISO 9001 certificate - Diaqua AG


"We inspire and turn the bathroom into a new favorite room."

The diaqua® brand has been providing comfort in and inspiration for the bathroom since 2011. The very first product selection - toilet seats, shower accessories and shower heads - impressed with their design, functionality and long-lasting quality. These three main criteria have not changed, but the product range has grown steadily since then.

Today, diaqua® has become a full-range supplier of bathroom accessories and offers an extensive range to meet a variety of requirements: from a textile range with shower curtains, bath rugs and bathtub inserts to a wide range of toilet seats, various standing and screw accessories, shower showers and shower hoses and a variety of storage options.

In this way, we ensure comfort in the bathroom that exceeds our customers' expectations and gives them pleasure.

Our brand promise

Comfort in the bathroom

We attach great importance to high-quality workmanship and pleasant materials in our products.

Easy handling

With our products, we offer reliable functionality, easy installation and accessories that always fit, because with diaqua®, do-it-yourself should be fun.

Inspiring ideas

We are creative and show our customers what they can do with their bathroom. Be it with a wide range of designs, innovative product features, intelligent functions or new materials - diaqua® brings a breath of fresh air into the bathroom.

The NEOPERL® brand

For over 60 years, NEOPERL® products have been used wherever drinking water flows. NEOPERL® products shape the water jet, regulate the flow, filter, protect or distribute drinking water and make a significant contribution to conserving this scarce resource. This is because the water and energy-saving products from Neoperl promote the responsible use of drinking water as a valuable resource. Used in the washbasin, shower or kitchen, NEOPERL® products reduce water consumption in the household - without compromising on convenience.

The mateu® brand

Under the Mateu brand, Diaqua AG also sells technical product ranges in Switzerland via the DIY and do-it-yourself markets. These include products such as traps, valves and drain hoses.

Responsibility for people and the environment

Responsibility for people and the environment has always been one of Diaqua AG's corporate values - whether in the development and manufacture of our products or in our dealings with our employees and partners.

amfori - Improved working conditions in the global supply chain

Diaqua AG is committed to improving working conditions in the global supply chain. It is a member of amfori BSCI and thus plays a pioneering role: it was one of the first amfori members in the Swiss DIY supplier sector. In doing so, it commits itself and its suppliers to complying with and implementing the code of conduct for social and environmental standards. This includes, for example, the prohibition of child labor and discrimination as well as compliance with statutory minimum wages.

Wood products from responsible forestry - look out for the FSC® label

Diaqua AG is FSC® certified. The FSC® label on our wood products is a clear indicator that the product comes from responsibly managed forests. We also purchase the majority of our paper packaging from FSC®-certified suppliers. Products with the FSC® label ensure that forests are used in accordance with the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations. Compliance with strict guidelines is monitored by independent bodies at all stages from the forest to the end product. As a consumer, you can be sure of how the wood was obtained and by purchasing products with the FSC® logo, you are supporting sustainable forest management.

Responsible use of the valuable resource of drinking water

The growth of the world's population is leading to an ever-increasing demand for drinking water. At the same time, climate change is leading to more droughts in many places. Drinking water is therefore becoming increasingly scarce and valuable. It is therefore important and sensible to save water.

This also applies in water-rich countries. Much of the potential for saving water in the bathroom, shower and kitchen relates to hot water, which requires a lot of energy to heat. Every liter of hot water saved saves energy and reduces CO₂ emissions.

Water-bearing products such as shower heads, shower hoses and aerators are therefore also available in water- and energy-saving versions. Equipped with sophisticated flow regulator technology, they ensure that as much water as necessary flows as little as possible. This protects the environment without having to sacrifice the desired level of comfort.